Angular.js Introduction

The Angular.js is an open source front-end web application framework majorly maintain by Google and is widely popular to build up the Single Page Application (SPA) which completely free and used by millions of developers.


The Angular.js is the licensed under Apache license and it can be download from its official website Download

What is Angular.js ??

The Angular.js is the open source JavaScript framework to build the applications like single page application(SPA), Model View Control (MVC) and also widely used in the and other technologies. Being an open source, developers can go through the code itself and customize it if required.

What can be done by Angular.js

  • Angular supports MVC framework
  • Angular supports Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Angular is freely available to download
  • Angular library is available on CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Angular provides its own and list of attributes and properties for HTML controls
  • Angular used with many web technologies like, PHP etc.
  • Angular allows to write Unit and integration tests for JavaScript code


Angular.js tutorials are designed for the developers who would like to learn the basic of Angular.js and its concepts, In this tutorial, we will guide you how to learn and implement the basic angular.js in the various tutorials.




Before to start angular.js tutorials we request all users to have basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and AJAX etc. which will help to quickly learn the tutorials of angular.js that going forward to explain.

And it would be great if you have the knowledge of web technologies. We will explain web-based tutorials with the simple example where you can use this code in your own applications.