What is Data?

Before to start with the database we should know first what is data ? and the purpose use.


In the simple way we can say data can be the information related to any object.


And object can be like Height, Weight, Name , Age, Year, Month, Day etc. File , Image, Document and Sheet etc.



What is a Database?

Database is a organized collection of data & collection of data create a unite which called in the system terms a database. Most databases contain various tables, which may each include several different fields. A system that contains databases is called a database management system. Let's have few examples to understand in detail.

Facebook – This is largest online social media website to interact with peoples definitely use a database to store information about users and their activities plus do a manipulation of data to represent in the various format and section.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System - Manage information of various department like HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance etc. to manage information of all department definitely require database where all information can be stored.

We can provide many number of examples for usage of databases .