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ADO.NET Interview Questions

1. What is an ADO.Net ?  

The ADO.Net is reference as ActiveX Data Objects that is a part of .Net Framework. ADO.Net framework group of classes which are used to manage the connectivity between application and databases such as SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle, etc…

2. What are two important objects of ADO.Net?

The following are objects of ADO.NET:

  1. DataSet
  2. DataReader

3. What is LINQ?
The LINQ is native query language for .NET framework and it is mainly created to help queries with the .net applications. LINQ can be used to connect to SQL and MS Access.
4. What is Data view?

Data View is a .Net control which is used to display the data in the different format that can be requested by users. Data View also can help to filter data, sort order and other user condition to apply on the data to access in different format.

5. What is Data Adapter ?

The Data Adapter is a object of ADO.NET, data provider acts as a correspondent between Dataset and the Data source. It can perform Select, Insert, Update and Delete operations with data source.

6. What is SqlCommand object ?
The SQLCommand object is allowed user to interact with the database. This object mainly used to fire queries to the database such as Select, Insert, Modify and Delete.  
7. What is SqlCommand object ?

The ADO works with the connected data architecture ADO.Net works in a disconnected architecture. The main object of ADO is called Recordset but ADO.Net has various object to access the database. The ADO creates the client-side cursor whereas ADO.NET works with both client and service.

8. What are the advantages of ADO.Net ?

The following are advantages of ADO.NET advantages :

  1. Scalability
  2. Interoperability
  3. Programmability
  4. Performance
  5. Maintainability
9. What are DataReaders ?

The DataReader is part of ADO.NET and DataReader object is ‘read-only’ and ‘forward-only’, that helps to supplies a connection based data access from a database. It contains a ‘Read ()’ method to retrieves the data from the data source.

A Connection Object has only one DataReader at a time. ‘Read ()’ method retrieves only one row at a time.

10. What are the types of Databinding?

The Databinding is based on the type of values bound to the controls :

  1. Complex Data Binding
  2. Simple Data Binding

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