ASP.NET Introduction

ASP.NET is a web-based technology which design to build-up dynamic web pages of the web application. Additionally, ASP.NET is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework which build-up internet connected cloud base application.


The following are the major benefits of ASP.NET which make it popular among top web-based technologies :


  • The combined division for building web UI and web APIs.
  • It is a lightweight, high-performance, and linked HTTP request pipeline.
  • is freely available to download.
  • It can be host on IIS, Nginx, Apache, Docker.
  • Toolbox for all controls that make simpler modern web development.
  • It can develop and run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Open-source and widely all types of support available on Microsoft Website.



.NET Framework release history


Here we are going to explain the versions of .net framework from start to till now to understand the basic history of .net framework.


Framwork Version Release Date Development Tool
1 13/02/2002 Visual Studio .NET
1.1 24/04/2003 Visual Studio .NET 2003
2 07/11/2005 Visual Studio 2005
3 06/11/2006 Expression Blend
3.5 19/11/2007 Visual Studio 2008
4 12/04/2010 Visual Studio 2010
4.5 15/08/2012 Visual Studio 2012
4.5.1 17/10/2013 Visual Studio 2013
4.6 20/07/2015 Visual Studio 2015
4.6.1 2015-11-30[16] Visual Studio 2015 Update 1
4.7 2017-04-05[18] Visual Studio 2017
4.7.1 2017-10-17[19] Visual Studio 2017
4.7.2 2018-04-30[20] Visual Studio 2017

The web pages are executed by the help of .Net framwork, compile by the compiler CLR (Common language Runtime) and the created web pages in saved with .aspx extention.

In the next chapter, we will explain how to install visual studio 2017 and create the environment to start to develop application in the, C#.